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Crew Leader - HM

 Shift Start-up 

  • Morning Truck Inspection

  • Vehicle Inspection Booklet & Driver's Log Book

  • Check tools, equipment and supplies for day ahead

Using Aspire

  • Logging employees in and out

  • What to do if you forget to log an employee in

  • Logging in and out of sites

  • What to do if you forget to log into or out of a site

  • Reporting work issues on job sites (dead or missing  plants, severely damaged grass, etc.)

Using Fleetio

  • Recording truck mileage daily

  • Logging vehicle issues​

Vehicle Accidents  

  • What to do if you get into a vehicle accident 

  • What the law is

  • What forms to fill in

Employee Accidents

  • What to do if an employee is injured on the job

  • What forms to fill in

  • CSST protocols

Driving Safety

  • How to signal for drivers backing up

  • Proper placement of traffic cones around vehicles

  • When to use 4WD

Prioitizing Work on Jobsites

  • What to do with crew members upon arrival at job site 

  • How to prioritizing tasks for the time available

Load List

  • Procedure for ordering tools, supplies and equipment for the next day

Plant Knowledge

  • Difference between an annual and a perennial

  • Top 10 perennials and shrubs used at Strathmore 

  • Summer and fall annuals

  • Common weeds

How to Weed

  • Using the right tool for the job 

  • Techniques

How to Plant Flowers, Grasses and Plants

  • Using the right tool for the job

  • Depth

  • Techniques 

How to Edge a Flower Bed

  • How to get a straight line

  • Depth and angle of cut

  • Tools and techniques

How to Fertilize

  • When, where and how to apply

  • Recording materials in Aspire

How to Gas up Power Tools

  • Difference between mixed gas and straight gas 

  • Machines that use straight gas

  • Machine that use mixed gas 

  • Protocol for dealing with gas spills

How to Use a Blower

  • Appropriate safety gear

  • How to gas up

  • How to deal with spills

  • Tips and tricks for using

How to Use a Line Trimmer

  • Appropriate safety gear

  • How to gas up

  • Tips and tricks for using

  • How to change the cord

How to use a hedge trimmer

  • Appropriate safety gear

  • How to gas up

  • Tips and tricks for using

  • How and when to grease machine and clean filter

Using a Vinegar Sprayer

  • When and how to use

  • Vinegar dilution

  • Troubleshooting in the field when it gets blocked 

  • How to transport in truck to avoid damage

Spring Clean Up

  • Remove winter protection

  • Prune overgrown shrubs anr remove dead branches 

  • Remove dead grass, leaves and debris 

  • Prepare soil in flower beds

Summer Maintenance

  • Weeding

  • Remove spring bulbs

  • Plant summer annuals

  • Trim shrubs and hedges 

  • When and how to remove tree branches

  • Divide overgrown perennials

  • Add mulch

  • Plant chrysanthemums 

Fall Clean Up

  • Cut back grasses

  • Remove annuals

  • Clean beds of all debris

Returning Broken Equipment to Shop for Repair

  • How to tag equipment for repair

  • Where to put broken equipment

End of Shift Routine

  • Log employees out

  • Request gas for next day if tank less than 1/2 full 

  • Put pages from vehicle inspection booklet in shop

  • Wash vinegar sprayer

  • Tag broken equipment and return to shop 

  • Return truck keys

  • Log out 


  • How to access paystub 

  • PAMT Training Program

  • Self directed learning 

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