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Avantages sociaux

​Les membres de notre équipe travaillent fort pour nous. En retour, nous investissons en eux. 

  • Wages and Increases
    We pay well. And in keeping with our value of being proactive, we review the performance of our team members every year, or when they make significant personal improvements.
  • Overtime
    In Canada, it is mandatory to pay overtime for all time worked over 40 hours. Many landscaping companies don't do this, but we do. We also don't bank overtime or pay cash. Our team members are paid properly - as per the law - which means we pay time and a half (1.5 times) the hourly salary for over 40 hours during each pay period.
  • Paid Time Off
    We offer paid time-off that for all team members, both seasonal and permanent. Even in the summer: all our team members get one week off. ​ The money in the account belongs to you as soon as you accrue it. You earned it.
  • RRSP Plan
    We encourage our team to prepare for retirement. Strathmore will match 50% of contributions (to a maximum) for eligible team members, allowing contributors to save pre-tax dollars towards their retirement. You are making an investment in us, so we are making an investment in and for you.
  • Medical Benefits
    We offer medical, para-medical and dental plans to eligible team members. This means you can enjoy a massage to work out the kinks after a long day of work.
  • Long Term Disability
    Eligible team members can enroll in long-term disability plans that can help protect them if they develop a disability and can’t work for an extended period.
  • Life Insurance
    Eligible team members can receive life insurance in a coverage amount equal to their annual salary.
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