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Here are some of the training topics we can put on the website. 

This is just a quick demo and it's hidden so that no one can see it, but it shows the value of having all Strathmore’s standards, protocols and safety standards all in one place.

If you click on the HM section, you will see a list of bullet points. Each bullet point would be linked to a separate page of information.

I created the first one - Morning Truck Inspection - to show what this would look like. 

The Grass, Trees and Shop sections are not linked to anything. I added these to show that we can add whatever training we want. 

All training material would be in French and English, and photos and videos would be added to make the pages more interesting. 

These training materials would also be easily accessible to all Strathmore employees across Canada through a single click on their phones.


And because it’s on the website, we can also update, change, edit or remove information quickly and easily.

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