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National Services

We offer comprehensive coast-to-coast coverage, ensuring you have a single point of contact managed directly by our dedicated Strathmore team members.

Strathmore is known for maintaining properties to the highest standards while ensuring the operational, strategic and financial objectives of our clients are met or exceeded. We have developed a portfolio management process that gives property managers the answer to their questions and solutions to their issues with a single point of contact.

When working with national portfolios, Strathmore uses the following Account Management structure, ensuring clients have a single point of contact for the management of their portfolio:

Account Manager - client’s direct point of contact. Responsible for all high-level communication between Procurement, General Managers, Vice-Presidents and Strathmore. Coordinates Senior-level requests with Field Supervisor and Administrator. Ensures services provided maximize operational and financial efficiencies across the portfolio.


Area Manager - local point of contact. Responsible for technical oversight and quality of work done on the property and communication with the on-site Client Operations team. Coordinates work of Strathmore crews and vendor partners. Conducts safety audits. Ensures timely response in the case of emergency requests.


Administration - single point of contact for all invoicing, compliance, insurance and other administrative needs.  

  • Zero-Tolerance snow removal

  • Snow and ice control 

  • Seasonal and life-cycle management 

  • Landscape and irrigation management 

  • On-site Area Managers

  • 24/7 service 

  • Coast-to-coast service 

  • Cost optimization and scalability

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