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The Strathmore Story

As Canada's leading national landscape management company, the Milligan family has been caring for Canadians for three generations. 

When Elmer Milligan started Strathmore 1963, it was a small landscaping and snow removal company in Dorval, Quebec.

Today, Strathmore is Canada's fastest growing national commercial landscape management company. We provide turn-key landscape management solutions for businesses, industry and government from coast to coast. 

Strathmore is a family business that is run by Jessica Milligan (President), Gordon Milligan (VP), and Conor Milligan (VP).

And while the current leadership team is focused on the continued growth and success of the company, doing business right is as important to us as our bottom line.

Strathmore has won dozens of prestigious landscaping awards over the years, setting the standard for excellence in the Canadian landscaping and snow removal industry.

We are also proud to be one of the most climate friendly, culturally diverse and employee-centric companies in Canada.

Contact us today to see what our team can do for your business.

"Every client is different, with their own unique needs.

We find out what these needs are, then try to exceed our client's every expectation."

Jessica Milligan

Vice President of Strathmore

 Strathmore Timeline


Elmer Milligan was a young man with a growing family to feed. He started Strathmore Landscaping and Snow Removal with big dreams, a few business cards and an old truck.


Milligan called the company "Strathmore" after the neighbourhood where the family lived in Dorval, Quebec.

Strathmore Landscape's first business card from 1963card from 1963 of


Strathmore stops offering residential landscaping services and focuses exclusively on year-round landscape management for commercial clients.  


Danny Milligan, Elmer’s son (with water bottle, front row), takes over the company ownership and expands the business.


Strathmore now specializes in residential installations for luxury properties, managing large commercial properties, creating parks and transforming municipal spaces.

Strathmore group photo with truck from the 1970s


Elmer's grandchildren, Jessica Milligan (centre) and Gordon Milligan (right), join Strathmore, making three generations of Milligans in the company. 

Conor (left) will join the company in a few years' time. 

Strathmore leadership team, including Conor Milligan, Jessica Milligan and Gordon Milligan


A decade of exponential growth and learning for Strathmore.


Key personnel are recruited from colleges and universities, and many employees earn landscape education certificates as Strathmore prioritizes advanced horticultural education and training within its ranks. 

​We are now working out of two Montreal locations.


Strathmore joins the fight against climate change on Earth Day 2011, when we adopt our first “Zero Emissions” policy. 


Strathmore moves to a new, larger location in LaSalle, just west of downtown Montreal. Our new centre of operations is now large enough for all 200 Montreal team members to work out of.

Danny Milligan, president of Strathmore for almost five decades, is seated in the front row beside his wife, Catherine Milligan. 

Strathmore's annual group photo in 2022, with over 200 employees


Strathmore opens branches in Ottawa (photo below), Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton.

Team photo of Strathmore Ottawa in 2022


From its humble beginnings as small Quebec landscaping company in 1963, Strathmore grows to become Canada's leading national commercial snow removal and landscape management company, with offices in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Halifax. 

But no matter how big our company gets, we are still a family business that values each and every one of our customers - just like Grampie Milligan.   

Strathmore garden at Place Innovation in Technoparc Montreal
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