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National Commercial
Snow Removal

Turn-key snow removal solutions for busy property managers

Blizzards. Blowing snow. Icy stairs and sidewalks. Canadian winters are tough. Probably the toughest in the world. 


You want someone to take care of your company's snow removal needs. Efficiently. Safely. Properly. 


Strathmore provides comprehensive snow removal solutions for businesses, commercial properties and industries across Canada. Leaders in commercial snow removal servicing Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Halifax, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

We have full-time mechanics. An extensive fleet of trucks, snowplows, salters, loaders, tractors, sidewalk plows. A warehouse full of salt and de-icers.


We also have an army of shovellers, trained to remove every last speck of snow from your business’ entrances, fire escapes and exit doors.  

Contact us today to see what we can do for your company. 


Snow Plowing

Strathmore pride itself on being one of the fastest snow removal companies in Canada to respond to a snowfall. 

At the first hint of snow, our fleet of trucks, snowplows, salters, loaders, tractors, sidewalk plows hit the streets and quickly gets to work. 


Snow Shovelling

While our snowplows are clearing the roads, our teams of snow shovellers are clearing the stairs, entrances, plazas, doorways and sidewalks to remove every last trace of snow and ice from your property. 


Our #1 priority is safety and making sure that your customers and employees can always move around your business safely. 

Salt & De-icing

Salt and de-icing products are an essential part of winter snow removal. Salt makes icy surfaces safer to walk on and helps reduce icy buildup.

At Strathmore, we offer several different salt and de-icing options, including rock salt (a popular and inexpensive choice), Arctika De-Icer (less concrete damage and extremely cold resistant), and magnesium (our most eco-friendly option).


Salt Check

Even when there is no snow falling, our crews are out on the road in the early morning hours, checking that our clients' sites are safe and secure.

We call this activity "Salt Check," and it's an essential part of Strathmore's Zero-Tolerance policy: no ice or snow on entrances, emergency exits and  wheelchair ramps.

This is especially important first thing in the morning when employees, clients and deliveries start to arrive.


Our teams get up long before the sun. It's cold, it's dark, the work is sometimes pretty tough, but rarely a day passes without some laughs, a feeling of camaraderie, and a sense of accomplishment at a job well done. 

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