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Tree Services

Turn-key tree services for busy property managers 

Cutting down trees. Removing stumps. Planting new trees. Pruning. Fertilizing. Cabling and bracing.

Your property has many valuable trees and landscape assets, all of which require proper care and maintenance.

​Our arborists are knowledgeable, experienced tree-care professionals who work to the highest standards in the tree care industry.​

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Contact us today to find out how we can help your business.


Tree Removal

There's a tree on your property that looks dangerous. Does it need to be cut down, or can it be fixed? 

At Strathmore, a quick phone call to your account manager will solve the problem.

If the tree is diseased or damaged beyond repair, tree removal may be required. ​If not - and the tree can be salvaged- we will let you know. 


Tree Pruning

Do you have trees that are overgrown, hazardous, blocking signs or encroaching on your commercial property? ​Best to deal with it right away, as no one wants a potential safety issue or all the liability that goes with it. 

Strathmore has teams of certified arborists and the large equipment necessary to prune any size of tree, safely and efficiently.

Cabling & Bracing

If there's a tree on your property with a deep crack or anything else that weakens the tree structure, we can use a technique called "cabling and bracing" to support it. 

To fix this, we use the Cobra shock absorbing tree system, where flexible bands are looped around the weak section of the tree, then attached by super strength rope to a stronger section of the tree. 



Everyone looks at Strathmore's arborists with respect when they see them  walking around the yard in the morning, because everyone knows that our urban foresters will spend the day climbing trees and swinging chainsaws. 

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