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Celebrating the Women of Strathmore on International Women's Day 2023

Today, we honour the women of Strathmore as it’s International Women’s Day, March 8, 2023.

This year, the theme of International Women’s Day is “Embrace Equity,” which means respecting all people without discrimination, regardless of their gender, and celebrating women's achievements. Equity means creating an inclusive world.

Equality is central to our values at Strathmore, and something we are truly passionate about.

We are a female-friendly employer, with several all-women crews. We also have team members from all different backgrounds, abilities, ages, cultures, ethnicities, work styles, sexual orientations, and points of view.

Leading the company is yet another amazing woman, Jessica Milligan, Strathmore’s dynamic and hard-working vice president (below).

So, we invite you to take a moment to wish all women working in non-traditional trades a Happy International Women's Day!


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