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Family Time on the Job

David and Adam Rich are a father and son team who work at Strathmore.

Adam started working at Strathmore in 2013 and has done many jobs, including mechanic, shop manager and account manager. He currently supervises a portfolio of industrial buildings and a large retail centre in the north part of Montreal.

“I just go wherever they need me,” Adam says.

David, Adam’s dad, is that friendly guy you see in the Strathmore yard who is always fixing things, pumping gas, and greeting everyone with a warm smile when they arrive back at the shop after a hard day’s work.

David, who is a 72, started working at Strathmore after selling his family business in 2018.

“I didn’t even take a break after selling the business. I started working at Strathmore right away.”

But before he started work, David had one request: he wanted every Wednesday off to go golfing.

“Strathmore had absolutely no problem with that,” David said. “They respect their employees, and always try be accommodating.”

Technically, Adam is his father’s boss, but David is fine with that.

“It’s a pleasure working with my kids,” he says. “I have four kids, and they all worked in the family business at one time or another. I just like seeing them.”

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