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"Viva Magenta" Garden Colour of 2023

Expect to see lively pops of reddish purple in gardens everywhere in 2023.

The colour is called Viva Magenta, and Pantone has chosen it as the 2023 colour of the year. The Pantone Colour System is a colour standard used by industries worldwide. Every year, Pantone announces a colour that they think best expresses the mood and attitude of the year ahead.

in 2023, that colour is Viva Magenta or Pantone# 18-1750.

Pantone must think good things lie ahead in 2023, because this year's colour represents exuberant joy, celebration and strength. It is a shade rooted in nature.

This year, you'll see Viva Magenta on everything from sneakers to paint colour, from throw pillows to espresso cups.

At Strathmore, you'll see lots of Viva Magenta in our gardens in 2023, as well as cooler shades of purple and mauve.

Purple is neutral in the garden, and goes with everything from complementary greens and pinks to contrasting oranges.


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