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Mid-Winter Review of Safety and Operations Protocols

February 8, 2023 Montreal Head Office

Crew leaders and snowplow operators met this morning in Strathmore’s yard for a mid-winter review of Strathmore’s safety and operations protocols.

The meeting was also an opportunity for management to thank hardworking team members for their great work this snow season.

Leading the meeting was Director of Operations Jamie Wilt, who was able to get some laughs out of our tired team members while still getting his message across, which was:

"Safety is always our top priority at Strathmore. Reviewing protocols at regular intervals means fewer injuries and reminds us all of the safest and most efficient ways to work."

Danny Milligan, owner and CEO of Strathmore for over 55 years, was also spotted at the meeting.

Mr. Milligan didn't address the crowd, but he did chat with team members before and after the meeting, as he always enjoys doing.


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