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Salt Check in the Early Morning Hours

At Strathmore, our snow removal program continues between snow storms, even when all the shovels are hung up and the snow blowers are neatly parked in the garage.

Even when there is no snow falling, our crews are out on the road in the early morning hours, checking to make sure that our clients' sites are safe and secure.

We call this activity "Salt Check," and it's an essential part of Strathmore's Zero-Tolerance policy.

Our Zero-Tolerance policy means exactly that: no ice or snow on entrances, emergency exits and handicapped ramps.

This is especially important first thing in the morning when employees, clients and deliveries are arriving.

Our crews might remove a patch of ice that formed overnight or spread a little salt on a treacherous sidewalk.

It’s also an opportunity to put extra bags in salt boxes at building entrances which we don’t always have time to do during a major snow event.

Canadian winters are tough. Probably the toughest in the world. Our clients rely on us to take care of their company's snow removal needs all winter long, which is what we do.


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