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Site Showcase: Consilium Place

Manicured lawns and full garden beds are exploding with colour, turning Consilium Place, a Scarborough office complex, into a sight to behold thanks to the work of Sergiu Galitchi, Aurelio Teixeira, Natalia Velez, Samuel Velez and Claire Viccari.

We started maintaining the Consilium grounds in 2019 and was our first project in Toronto. Its success has led to several ongoing jobs around the city.

Sergiu calls the Consilium Place grounds his “baby,” and has been there from the start. “This is one of my favourite places.” The property manager was skeptical at first, having had a disappointing experience with a previous contractor. But Sergiu was confident that skepticism would change quickly, telling the client to give us a chance to show what we can do. It didn’t take long for trust to be established after the “wow” factor emerged from the initial work.

Consilium Place is a 2023 finalist for the National Award for Commercial Landscape Maintenance. Congratulations team!

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