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The Intoxicating Smell of Freshly Cut Grass

“What do I do at Strathmore? Ouch. Tough question,” says Danila Sivek.

“I do everything from fixing trucks to crew leading, from planting trees to operating a snow plow. But my main job is grass.”

The green colour of the grass is calming, says Danila, and the first cut of the season means that spring has finally arrived.

The smell of freshly cut grass is intoxicating, but just at the beginning of the season. As the summer progresses, he stops noticing it.

“Except when I come home and my neighbour is cutting his grass. That smells amazing, probably because it’s I’m not cutting it.”

But most of all, Danila likes the end result when cutting grass.

“I love it when you see a perfect carpet of green and all the blades of grass are even,” he says.

Working on the grass team is fast paced and intense. It suits Danila’s dynamic personality much better than the slower pace of horticulture maintenance or working in special projects.

He also likes that every day is different at Strathmore. Winter, spring, summer, fall. Every season brings its own set of challenges and different tasks to do.

It keeps the work fresh and interesting, which is important for Danila.

“I’m a multitasking guy. I have tons of hobbies too,” he says. “Music. Computers. Cars….”

Danila has been working at Strathmore for 8 years, but still enjoys the camaraderie he has found at the company.

“Every day, 10 people say hi to you when you come into work. It’s so cool.”


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