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Morning Truck Inspection

External Vehicle Safety Check

  • Walk all around the vehicle and scan for any obvious damage or problems. If found, report in Fleetio

  • Check fuel cap - is it tight?

  • Check that licence plate is attached, clean and clearly visible

  • Look under the vehicle for leaks, or anything dangling down that shouldn't be

  • Check that the tires are properly inflated. Are there signs of damage or excessive wear? Check that lug nuts are tight and undamaged

  • Make sure external mirrors are clean, firmly attached and positioned properly

Internal Vehicle Safely Check

  • Turn the key to the auxiliiary position and check for warning lights on the dashboard

  • Check gas level

  • Check if the wipers work, check that the wiper fluid comes out, and check that the blades clean the window properly

  • Start engine. Have warning lights deactivated? Do gages seem to work?

  • Brake pedal check: does it feel normal when pressed?

  • Check parking brake: put engine in drive and take your foot off the brake. Does parking brake hold vehicle in place?

  • Check the horn

  • Check the milage and enter into Fleetio daily

With help from another person, check the vehicle lights

  • Check headlights, both high and low beams

  • Activate turn signals

  • Check hazard lights

  • Put vehicle in reverse and check the back up lights

  • Check licence plate light

Check Auxiliary Equipment

  • Check to make sure have an extra bottle of wiper fluid

  • Check that first aid kit is complete

  • Check if you have 4 traffic cones

  • Check for fire extinguisher



Final Check Before Driving our of Strathmore Yard

  • Make sure equipment lockers are closed and locked

  • Make sure back doors of the dumper trucks are closed and locked

  • Make sure net is down and secrely fastened

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